GIPHY Account Creation + 5 Gifs

GIPHY Account Creation + 5 Gifs



If you’re looking for gifs your brand can use in Instagram Stories, look no further!

TCP will create five custom gifs for your brand and create a branded Giphy account so you and your audience can use your custom gifs when showcasing your products, when attending your upcoming event, and more!


  • Please provide us with details for your gif once you complete your purchase.

    • What direction(s) would you like it to move?

    • What colors do you prefer?

    • Is there a specific font that is your favorite?

  • Please do not purchase this package unless you meet the following criteria:

    • You have a business with a name.

    • You have a domain and email address for your domain. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. emails will not work for branded Giphy accounts.

    • Your business has active social media accounts.

    • We also cannot guarantee that Giphy will verify your brand account, but the following criteria should allow for verification.

  • Gif creation will come with unlimited revisions.

  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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