How to Use Pinterest to Create a Vision Board

When a year winds down, most are thinking about holidays, family time, and objectives for the year to come. Those objectives are often planned out on physical vision boards that focus on budgeting, setting goals, travel, positivity, and creating an overall vision for what the next year could look like!

However, I’ll admit that I’m not the most crafty individual. The thought of sitting down and flipping through magazines to cut out photos to glue on a board or in a book isn’t that appealing to me regardless if it’s at a party with friends with wine or not. As a social media manager who keeps her master shopping list on a secret Pinterest board, I’d much rather use the platform to create a digital visual board that is easily editable!

Before I jump in and discuss how to make a digital vision board, let’s discuss what a vision board actually is and its specific purpose.


What is a vision board?

A vision board is a tool used to collect thoughts, ideas, and plans in one place by way of words and images. Some people also call them dream boards. The purpose is to have a visual place to turn to while transitioning your ambitions into reality!

Notice in the explanation above that I didn’t mention video because you simply can’t add videos to a physical vision board. This is why I think creating a digital board on Pinterest is such an advantage!

Making a vision board on Pinterest

To get started, you first need to head to to login or create an account.

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 2.35.25 PM.png

Next, click the red + sign in the top right hand corner and then click Create a Pin. From there, you can upload a 15 minute video, upload a photo, or add the URL from a specific website in order to load an image. You can also search for content on Google or your favorite search engine. Once you have your pin’s preview loaded, add a description. From there, you can click Create Board in order to launch and name your vision board.

Pro Tip: Toggle the Secret switch if you want to keep your dreams and visions to yourself! Feel free to also add friends or business partners if you’re doing this as a group and want to keep others accountable!

If you don’t have content to upload, browse your home page for an ongoing list of content that fits your lifestyle or use Pinterest’s search feature to find content that makes the most sense for your goals, dreams, plans for the next year, bucket list, and more!

Looks like I won’t have  any  problem planning my 2019 Coachella trip!

Looks like I won’t have any problem planning my 2019 Coachella trip!

If you still find yourself coming up short after doing a few searches here and there, consider editing or creating your own content via my favorite apps such as Lightroom, Photoshop, or Canva!

Once you have a groove going, consider creating different sections on your board to organize the many categories of content you have. This way you and your audience will be able to clearly see all of your plans!

The beginning of The Content Plug’s section on my 2019 Vision Board.

The beginning of The Content Plug’s section on my 2019 Vision Board.

Once you’re done (even though you can always keep adding to it!), use your vision board for encouragement and reminders! Pinterest users can have up to 200,000 pins so don’t ever worry about going overboard!

Next Steps

Remember: Dreams don’t work unless you do, so put plans into motion! Some vision board “experts” may disagree with this, but consider including due dates or action plans in the description of pins if it makes sense!

Don’t forget to check out my 2019 Vision Board below to see my plans for the next year!

What do you think about vision boards? Will you stick to a physical one or try a visual route?