Plan Your Q3/Q4 2018 Content With Our Free Content Calendar

July 1st marks the beginning of Q3 aka the second half of 2018! It's hard to believe the year has flown by so quickly.

One of the top questions in the social media world involves how to plan content and keep it all organized for each platform. Many people pay to use programs (why?) while others simply jot their ideas down in a notebook (read: messy!).

However, I prefer to use a free and structured option by keeping my content calendar in Google Sheets. With the ability to continuously add rows, columns, and sheets, you can easily plan your content and keep a searchable record of every piece of content that you post!

Take a moment to view a sample Q3/Q4 content calendar and then save it to your drive for future editing purposes by going to File > Make a copy. It also includes monthly observances, daily holidays, and special hashtags.

If you find this useful, be sure to share with your network and leave a comment below!