Here's to One Year of The Content Plug!

They say the first year of business is tough, but they should also say that it is the most fulfilling!

The Content Plug team has officially made it to one year of business and we are overjoyed! All of the panels, programs, planning, and posts from the past 365 days have been amazing and so worth it. Just thinking about where we were one year ago and where we are today is absolutely awesome!


Our team has received a lot of knowledge in the past year, so we wanted to take the time to give back and share a few lessons we have learned since day one.

Pace Yourself

It is so easy to get ahead of yourself and want to take on every single client or project that comes your way. However, take the time to sit back and think about every opportunity while also asking yourself if the time and effort are worth it. Always remember that it is okay to say no!

Set Time Aside For Your Business

When you’re an entrepreneur with clients, it seems like time is never on your side as it is so easy to forget to market yourself. Make time to plan content for your own social media platforms, business, and blog once you have completed client work. After all, you must give other potential clients something to look at!

Ask For Help

If you work in marketing, you more than likely have a type A personality where you want to do all tasks on your own.


While you may be able to do a lot by yourself, having others to help along the way makes the work get done faster and in a more efficient manner. It is always fun to work with other like-minded individuals who can get the job done!

Also be sure to consult with other professionals such as a CPA or an attorney to ensure that you have all of your financial and legal ducks in a row. Doing it yourself may save you time, but it can cost you money down the line!

Save, Save, Save

That feeling you get when you receive your first check from a client is one like no other. Once you deposit it and set aside what you’ll save for taxes, it is beyond easy to get a little too excited and start spending frivolously on personal items.

We are here to tell you to not do it! Set a few goals and/or save your coins for a big business purchase. You will certainly thank yourself later.

Go Out and Get It

Stop sitting back and thinking the awards, speaking opportunities and features will just come to you. Sometimes you need to inquire about the chance to participate or be involved in order to get your foot in the door and become a go-to person in your city and field. You never know the chances of obtaining something until you ask!

Before we wrap, we want to send a special thank you to our clients, friends, and family for all of their support over the past year. We hope you know that we are just getting started!

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