Why Brands and Influencers Should Jump on IGTV


Instagram recently launched its rumored long-form, vertical video platform and named it IGTV. The new app, which also integrates directly into the classic Instagram app, will allow users to create their own “channels” (hello, YouTube!) with videos that are no more than 60 minutes. This comes after a very busy spring (today is the first day of summer after all!) for the platform as Instagram seems to have been updating us weekly.

Not only did IGTV drop this spring, but Instagram also announced exactly how its algorithm works (business profiles are no longer taboo), linked up with Spotify, threw a mute button into the mix, and even let us know that it is releasing information to keep us aware of how much time we’re actually spending on the app. The latter actually makes sense now because people may be glued to Instagram for more hours now...

So what does IGTV mean for influencers and creators alike? For one, having to tell people to click the link in your bio in order to see a video that is longer than a minute is unnecessary. You can now do just like The Carters and drop the video when you feel like it and shuffle people over to your channel.

This is also great for IG influencers who have engaged followers who always ask them to create a channel. Now the influencer doesn't have to work to drive their followers to yet another platform when IGTV can already connect with their current fans. Influencers with less than 10K followers, can also feel "big time"  by adding their video to their Insta Story and have folks swipe up to go directly to the video.

Onboarding screen for launching an IGTV channel.

Onboarding screen for launching an IGTV channel.


It appears that videos posted to your channel must already be on your phone and they have to be at least 15 seconds. Once you add your video to your channel, you have the opportunity to add a title, a description, share to a Facebook Page, and change the cover photo to a still shot that is already in your phone.

Users can like and comment on your video while also taking note of the number of views the video has just like they would in the feed. The videos can be shared via Instagram Direct (the DMs), and the link to the video can be copied.



I have so many ideas for those who have a particular niche. The possibilities are truly endless:


If you can throw down in the kitchen, you need to learn how to throw down on IGTV.

People are always looking for inspiration and ideas for meals, so showing each step in preparing a meal - from unboxing your Blue Apron box to plating it - will be gold!



If you have a podcast, it’s time to start video recording your sessions. If you’ve learned anything from Joe Budden or The Breakfast Club (not a podcast, but still relevant), people like to not only see what you’re doing, but also get a look at you too. It’s also an additional opportunity to get sponsors from apparel brands, alcohol companies, etc.

If you’re a public figure who has a lot of speaking engagements, or is featured in interviews, throw those in your channel too!


Kim K was ready with the episodes. Is anyone surprised?

Kim K was ready with the episodes. Is anyone surprised?

Makeup & Beauty

Folks are already flocking to YouTube for tutorials on French braids and French tips, so now this content can live on IGTV. Kim Kardashian West already jumped on this by showing a behind-the-scenes look of her KKW pop-up shop and a quick makeup tutorial with Mario Dedivanovic. 


Longer Comedy Sketches

We all know the days of six-second comedy sketches is over, but 60-second sketches may not be far behind! I can certainly see our favorite IG comedians doing longer-form vlogs or sketches that are more in-depth.


Commercials and Trailers

I recently read a Fast Company article about the best 2018 World Cup ads and all of the ads were over a minute long and hosted on YouTube. I can’t wait to see how Nike, Adidas, and Budweiser (okay maybe not them) create commercials for IGTV and if they’ll be similar in style or totally different across each platform.


Webinar Replays

For those of us who teach classes and webinars, this is a great opportunity to share replays of sessions you don’t plan to host or sell later. It’s a great way to plug people into your content! 😉


Travel Guides

If you have more stamps on your passport than you do in your home, consider starting a travel channel on IGTV! It’s a great place to show off beautiful videos while on your trip as well as a compilation/travel guide once you return.


The uploading screen when adding a video to IGTV.

The uploading screen when adding a video to IGTV.

Now is IGTV a YouTube killer? Probably not. YouTube has so many other things up its sleeve (YouTube Music), but I’m sure the service is paying more attention to Instagram now, especially since the photo-sharing app just hit one billion monthly active users.

So the bottom line here is if you’re not using video somewhere in your content strategy, you may eventually get left behind.

How do you plan to use IGTV? Let me know in the comments!