Clean Up Your Twitter With These Easy Tools

In this microwave era of content, it can only take 24 hours for a person to be on The Breakfast Club or be featured in The New York Times before he or she is a household name thanks to syndication. With so many people being pushed into fame so suddenly, it's not surprising that individuals haven't had the time to clean up the past (if it's even possible) before the general public starts digging.

Need a recent example? Look no further than Dante Divincenzo of the Villanova men's basketball team. After the Wildcats won the 2018 NCAA men's basketball championship, it was revealed that Divincenzo's tweets from his teenage years were beyond inappropriate, to say the least. The happiest moment of his college career was quickly overshadowed by a handful of tweets.

While I am certainly not advocating that folks should cover up racism, homophobia, misogyny, or anything of that nature, Divincenzo probably wishes that he would have deleted a few tweets from his immature teenage years. If someone were to pull up my Xanga (remember that?) from 2006, I would probably be embarrassed due to the non-controversial yet still personal and intimate information I was sharing with my audience.

My face just thinking about my old Xanga.

My face just thinking about my old Xanga.

But trust me, my foolishness didn't end in 2006. I've never been a person to curse on Twitter (or online at all), get in arguments, or discuss insensitive items, but there are certain topics I shouldn't have discussed due to a lack of knowledge and experience. My opinions have also changed on a lot of items as well as people.

So how do you clean up your Twitter account if you plan to be a public figure? Or what if you simply want to get a job/start a business? Or what about just not seeming like an irritating person?

I'm here to plug you in! Take a look at these tips, apps, and programs that can help you wipe away your past Twitter blunders!

Go Through Your Tweets One By One (Free)

This may sound super annoying if you have tens of thousands of tweets, but it will get the job done. Whenever you think of a phrase or topic that you may have discussed, go to Twitter and search "@username WORD" to see every tweet you've ever made with that term. If you find an off the wall tweet that a current friend has tagged you in, consider reaching out to that friend and asking him or her to delete it.

A PG example.

A PG example.

Download Your Twitter Archive (Free)

If you don't want to go through your tweets when you think of a certain phrase, consider going through your tweets in waves after downloading your full Twitter archive. Just follow this path after clicking on your photo in the top right-hand corner > Settings and privacy > Your Twitter data > Enter your Twitter password > Request your data.

From there, you’ll get an email with all of your Twitter Data including your tweets, lists that you’re on, media from your Direct Messages and more.

TwitWipe (Free)

TwitWipe will rid you of all of your tweets at one time! Their site does mention that it takes a while to do this, so it's probably not a good option if you're in a serious time crunch!

TweetDelete (Free)

Don't have many tweets but still want a fresh start? If so, consider using TweetDelete. This service will check your account every so often for new tweets that have become older than the age specified when you signed up. However, the program will only delete the latest 3,200 tweets in your account so your earliest tweets may still be active! If you want to wipe them all, use the service a few times.

TweetEraser (Free+ Premium Options)

The TweetEraser platform claims it can help clean up your tweets and your favorites which is a major plus! With three different pricing structures, you can find the one that best fits your needs and your dirty mouth.


Scrubber ($19)

Scrubber has a cool website with clear instructions regarding what they can offer, but it's important to realize that the only service that is free is post/tweet discovery. They will go in and flag the bad content you have, and then you can pay for them to clean up the flagged content. Simple!

TweetDeleter (Free-ish?)

With 1.3 million users, TweetDeleter seems to be the most popular option amongst them all. The service is free, but it looks like it had a premium option at one point as well as an unlimited option and a yearly subscription. A quick Twitter search will show you all of the users who have used the product so far!

TweetStory (Free + in-app purchases)

The TweetStory app is certainly a hidden gem amongst them all! This app is like a mini time machine and pulls up all of your tweets from the current day in years past. If you check it daily for an entire year, you'll be able to find all of your tweets!


#DeleteYourAccount and Start Over (Free)

If your Twitter account is simply beyond repair, it may be best for you to delete and start over. Remember: Even if you change your current Twitter handle, the tweets you've made will still follow you as each Twitter user has a unique ID.

The major key here: Stay ready so you don't have to get ready. Which method will you try in order to spring clean your Twitter?